Image: Casa del Sol

Lujar Mountain view from our garden

Lujar Mountain view from our garden

This post was written by my then 9-year-old daughter long before we took the decision to come out here on a more permanent basis:

Our house, Casa Del Sol,is a rainforest of plants. From every angle  a wonderful view awaits, especially from the roof. At the moment we have to use a ladder, but hopefully soon we’ll get proper steps so all the family can go up there. Last time we were at the house we transformed the dusty, manky annex into a perfect room for our third visitor. Also we helped our friendly neighbours with olive harvesting; a great job. We used big nets to cover the bottom of the tree. Using rakes and our own bare hands we sucsessfully cleaned our first olive tree. After a water and orange break we then moved on to the next tree. All together we did six or seven trees before heading home. The next day we borrowed  some nets and did our own, big tree while standing on the roof! Well Dad did anyway. So this has been my first blog about Órgiva. Me and my Mum will be writing more soon.

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