Get some sleep, Dolores

The excellent blog has published a helpful Athiest Guide to Semana Santa, along with five reasons to get out of town before it starts. Wish I’d read it before things kicked off in Órgiva, and certainly before my last post. For what I now know is that Cristo has very little to do with Semana Santa, other than the supposed sighting of Christ in our town was fortuitously close to it. Jesus hasn’t yet risen – he and Dolores were out again last night, him in a glass coffin. No fireworks, but oh, the bells. And as for the outfits of their “protectors”, I’ve been properly told off for commenting on what they remind me of.

IMG_0916 IMG_0914


2 thoughts on “Get some sleep, Dolores

  1. Why dress up as a hated Klansman – don’t get it? Thought the economy was tight in your area, but that gold and glass coffin cost a bob or two! I’m praying that by the time I visit, the only noise to disturb the peace will be donkeys braying and dogs barking.

  2. They don’t (my comment was made in jest). The tradition of dressing that way as a symbol of mourning goes back far further than the KKK. I have read that it is possible that the KKK may have witnessed the Semana Santa parades across Spain and copied the outfits, which come in many colours, of what I believe are called Nazaronos (after people of Nazareth), but it could not have been the other way around.

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